Friday, July 29, 2011

Speed Reviews, pt 1

Okay, this will be the first of what I will call - Speed Reviews. It's kind of like Speed Dating, only without the creepy jerks drooling at you from across a table. Essentially, it's just quick thoughtful bits about books I've read and really like, then I will be off to something else. Some may be shorter than others, but don't expect a full laborious critique.There are so many great reviewers out there, doing excellent jobs of getting across the full nitty gritty on these wonderful works. I just want to say what I thought, and perhaps encourage others to pick them up and find out exactly what they are about for themselves (that is if you haven't already, since some of these will be older books).

Now, to get this started, I am going to do a Speed Review of THE IRON KING first in the IRON FEY series by Julie Kagawa.

I have to say this particular book/series/author was suggested to me by my friend Michelle (Never Gonna Grow Up! Reviews). I'd heard of it, but while I like the idea of fairies, I never really thought I would be interested in a story about them. Still, when it was mentioned, I figured I should give it a shot. I am a hard and fast vampire fan, but I know there is more out there than vampire fiction. So, thanks Michelle!

I bought the book and started reading, and was instantly hooked.

Yes, hooked. I literally couldn't stop reading. I was sneaking in reads at the dinner table, while I took a bath, and stayed up way too late until I finished it. It was practically an obsession, and I don't say that lightly.

What did I like?
The whole thing really, if I have to be honest. The story pulled me in, and I fell effortlessly into Meghan Chase's life. I got a tiny taste of the fey world through L.J. Smith's earlier books and some text rpg playing I did many years back, plus I'd always been a fan of Midsummer Night's Dream, so many of the characters felt familiar and like old friends/enemies. The new ones, and those I wasn't already familiar with, fell in naturally making the rest of the reading quick and effortless - which is how I think reading for pleasure should be. The writing is so easy to follow, and that only lends to how pleasurable a read it was.

As another note, the covers of the series are amazing. I, like many, are drawn to the attractive covers. Sure, you aren't supposed to read a book by its cover, but that's harder than it sounds sometimes. The covers create a tone for the story, and The IRON KING cover really does its job. Bravo cover maker!

What didn't I like?
That is a tough one, since there really isn't anything I disliked. If anything, I suppose I didn't like what happens to Puck, but I won't get into that for those who haven't read it yet. Since there are several things that happen, it would be hard to specify on the down-low. Just know, I am leaning on the side of Team Puck, so... yeah. Ahem. Moving on.

Maybe I can also say I didn't like how I was constantly on the edge of my seat, but then that would be a lie. While those parts drove me crazy and had me kicking the bed with socked feet when things were going crazy, that is the kind of stuff that really keeps you reading. Ahhhh~ it was a roller-coaster, that's for sure.

Favorite Character:
Tie between Ash and Puck

Favorite Scene:
When Meghan dances with Ash.

TaDa! This concludes my Speed Review of THE IRON KING. Sheesh, I am long winded even when I am trying to be speedy. Figures!

If you aren't familiar with Julie and her work, I suggest checking out her website: Julie Kagawa
You can also get more information about the IRON FEY series here: IRON FEY

Up next?
Who knows. Perhaps it will be another IRON FEY book, but likely it will be something different. You'll just have to pop back in later and find out.

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  1. Lovely review! You need to get on Twitter and start networking with fellow authors and bloggers. Talk to them. They're nice. :D

    So glad you liked this series. I just love it. I'm Team Puck too. *le sigh* He's adorable.